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CPR Kits

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Hello and welcome! This information page will guide you through the process of learning about and reserving a CPR (hands-only) Kit through our 
Education Service Center.  These kits have been made available by the American Heart Association in collaboration with the state of Indiana and 
the requirements of the House Enrolled Act 1290. This HEA essentially states that all school districts are required to offer a CPR instructional program.
For more information on this act and the requirements, feel free to click here.  According to HEA1290, the CPR training that is offered should introduce
and reinforce the importance of the following:

  1. Recognition of a possible cardiac arrest
  2. Calling 911
  3. Providing high-quality chest compressions with minimal interruptions.

The training should also include hands-on skills practice which these kits will provide.  

We are pleased to announce that the Southern Indiana Education Center has 3 of these kits available for a two-week loan to any of our member
schools.  High schools will have priority since all current 10th graders and future are required to be exposed to the training.  The kits can be scheduled
through the SIEC office and will be delivered to the schools via our van drivers.  Please check the kits carefully for the correct inventory upon arrival and
upon departure.  The only consumable product are the wipes contained within each kit.  Remember, these are hands-only kits; the airways have not been
included for this reason. Each kit contains and easy step-by-step instruction guide which has been laminated.  Please refer to this first with any questions.  
A digital lesson plan is included for additional instructional support.

Contents of each CPR Kit

CPR Kit Lesson Plan

SIEC CPR Kit Scheduling: Contact DeAnne Taggart, Director of Professional Learning