Southern Indiana Education Center

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Workshops by Topic

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SIEC Workshop Sessions by Topic

All Classes Mental Health/Behavior English/Language Arts Mathematics Administration/
Science/Social Studies Fine/Related Arts/World Languages Pre-K-K ELL Classroom TitleI/Media Assessment Special Education/High Ability

Teachers Supporting Teachers Network Dinner

Responsibility-Centered Discipline ISTEP+ ELA Prep Grades 6-10 with Sandy Adams SIEC Collaborative: HS Math Building a Growth Mindset Classroom K-12 Confidence in the Science Classroom: Exploring Science Standards and Computer Science in Grades 6-8 Building a Growth Mindset Classroom K-12 SIEC Master Teacher Series: Preschool Title III Networking: April 7

Spring Media Networking Session

SIEC Assessment Series: Effective Grading Practices

High Ability: Meeting the Needs

Building a Growth Mindset Classroom K-12 Impacting Student Behavior: Strategies to Move Your School From Helplessness to Action! Achieving Rigor in the ELA Classroom: Grades 6-12   Lead Like a Pirate

Computer Science - Grades K-2

SIEC Collaborative: HS Fine Arts

Responsibility-Centered Discipline


Title I Networking: April 13

SIEC Assessment Series: Authentic Formative Assessment

SIEC Collaborative: HS Special Education

Teach Like a Pirate The Brain and Student Behavior: Learning & Engagement -- It's Time to Make a Plan! Struggling Readers & Writers: Helping Students in ALL Classes Grades 6-12   Responsibility-Centered Discipline Computer Science - Grades 3-5 SIEC Collaborative: HS World Languages \  


SIEC Assessment Series: The Power of Effective Feedback on Student Learning SIEC Master Teacher Series for Special Education...coming soon!!
Responsibility-Centered Discipline   SIEC Collaborative: HS ELA   Grants: Hitting the Bullseye! Confidence with Secondary Science: Unwrapping Standards and Developing Lessons Gr9-12         SIEC Assessment Series: Creating Common Formative Assessments and Utilizing Data to Inform Instruction  
Be a Rockstar Paraprofessional!   Digging Deeper into Text Structures Grades 3-5
*ALL Teachers are invited!
  Summer Leadership Retreat SIEC Collaborative: HS Science         SIEC Assessment Series: Effective Grading Practices  
    Digging Deeper into Text Structures Grades 6-12
*ALL Teachers are invited!
  SIEC Collaborative: HS Guidance/Social Workers SIEC Collaborative: HS Social Studies            
    The Urgency of Academic Language: Vocabulary Instruction plus Much More for Grades 3-8